Blog on Child Abuse. As citizens, we have a responsibility to help protect children. Click here to read blog. 

Change. The most significant changes I have observed are when people work one-on-one with other individuals. Click here to read blog. 

What Everyone is talking about: The right to bear arms. Before we dismantle the Second Amendment, we should know why it was there in the first place. Click here to read blog. 

Bearing Arms. One of the rights of the Founding Fathers of the United States wanted to make sure was protected was the right to bear arms. Click here to read blog. 

First Impressions – How do you really know a person? First impressions are largely based on appearance and visual cues. Click here to read blog. 

Dr. Jim Hines Top Priorities

Healthy Thanksgiving. Grateful people live fuller, richer lives. They experience less pains, take better care of themselves, and have less toxic emotions such as anger and resentment. Click here to read blog. 

Illiteracy. One of the big issues facing Michigan in recent years is the high rate of functional illiteracy—the inability to read well enough to perform such tasks such as filling out a job application. Click here to read blog. 

Counting the Cost of Higher Education. Michigan needs to explore ways to provide good paying jobs, enabling our graduates to pay off their debt and avoid going on welfare. Click here to read blog. 

Something Worth Seeking. Wisdom encompasses the ability to make sound judgements/choices and helps provide balance and purpose in life. Click here to read blog. 

We cannot allow this state to go back to the days of higher taxes, burdensome regulation, and handing out tax breaks to favored industries. Too many politicians want to raise taxes, hindering Michigan recovery.

Business Lessons. Small business is not out to change the world; it is the world. Click here to read blog. 

Native American Tribes in Michigan. Within the state of Michigan there are twelve federally-acknowledged Native American tribes. Click here to read blog. 

Parenting. Michigan needs strong families – families that love each other, spend time together, and build lives, communities, and businesses together for the good of others. Click here to read blog. 

Abortion Care. Abortion is not a disease; it is a symptom of underlying personal and societal ills. Click here to read blog. 

House vs. Home. There is a debate over the pros and cons of renting or owning your own place. Click here to read blog. 

Abortion. I have worked my whole career to protect life, from the time of conception to natural death. Click here to read blog. 

Why Memories are Important. It is believed that every experience we have ever had is stored in the brain somewhere. Click here to read blog. 

What everyone is talking about: Education. The education of our children is vital; it is one of the key elements that make our state and nation great. Click here to read blog. 

We are blessed to live in a state surrounded by fresh pure water. We need to do more to protect the Great Lakes from invasive species, sewer overflows, agricultural run-off, and the possibility of oil spills.

What everyone is talking about: Lead in the water in Flint. Unseen dangers and unintended consequences, the water in Flint is a grave concern for families. Click here to read blog. 

Read More About Individual Issues in Jim's Blogs Below

Family/Father’s Day. Studies have shown that there are many benefits for children who grow up in a home where the dad is present. Click here to read blog. 

Business. We are free to pursue our personal interests and talents and the career of our choice. Click here to read blog. 

Higher Education Debt. The Grand Rapids Press reported last October that student debt in Michigan was up 57 percent over the last 10 years.Click here to read blog. 

Co-worker with Cancer. When you learn that someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, what can you do and how can you “help” or encourage this person? Click here to read blog. 

Success. We are not guaranteed or entitled to success, it is achieved through wisdom and hard work. Click here to read blog. 

Values and Beliefs. What happens when my values and beliefs run into conflict with your values and beliefs? Click here to read blog. 

Maintenance. We must consider not only the cost of construction of roads, buildings, and other projects, but also the maintenance. Click here to read blog. 

Put Children First

Protect Our Environment

Thanksgiving, 2nd week. Psychology Today Magazine has identified that happiness, relationships, health, and goals are improved by gratitude. Click here to read blog. 

Farming. Recognizing the role of farmers in Michigan’s economy. Click here to read blog. 

Mothers are so important. Mothers are the heart of the home and the knot that holds the family together. Click here to read blog. 

Improve Michigan's Job Climate

Fix Our Infrastructure

What everyone is talking about: Government Corruption. When looking for a solution in government corruption, we need to leave blanket stereotypes behind and examine the root of the problem. Click here to read blog. 

Public Education. Now that we are in an era where geographic and communication constraints have been profoundly reduced, education has become a big business. Click here to read blog. 

Senior Citizen Rights. Communities and policymakers in Michigan face challenges in caring for out aging population. Click here to read blog. 

Communication. Good communication in the workplace can go a long way toward relieving workplace stress, if each person takes responsibly. Click here to read blog. 

Constitutional Integrity. “Constitutional Integrity” – making laws, and governing, in line with the original intent of the founding fathers. Click here to read blog. 

How important are roads for Michigan businesses? What we should be looking for when finding a location for new business and how the roads matter.. Click here to read blog. 

Fire Prevention. Despite commendable efforts by local fire departments in various areas, fire deaths in Michigan have been increasing over the last five years. Click here to read blog. 

Creation vs. Evolution. If evolution is true, you happened by chance, not design. Click here to read blog. 

Does the Constitution Matter That Much? Some things are valuable enough to go to any lengths to protect them. Click here to read blog. 

Cancer Awareness. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Consider suggestions on what you should do for your Michigan friends and neighbors who have a child with cancer. Click here to read blog. 

Work Ethics/Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs show us that the ideal life isn’t one of no work, the ideal life is satisfying work. Click here to read blog. 

Providing a good education to every child in Michigan is the most important thing that can be done for the future of Michigan. Again, we need to stop the partisan bickering and focus on the children.

Sanctity of Life. Prioritizing the protection of human life, beginning at conception. Click here to read blog. 

Benefits of Eating Together. Research shows that children who eat meals with their families frequently do better in school. Click here to read blog. 

Families that Thrive. We need to look at ways to strengthen our families and help each other develop strategies for working together to resolve conflict and encourage one another. Click here to read blog. 

Education, Teachers. “What impact do teachers have on their students?” Click here to read blog. 

Great Lakes. As you enjoy the Great Lakes this summer, think about the importance of preserving the beauty, business, and recreation of our Great Lakes. Click here to read blog. 

Policemen. Police officers, both male and female, are the human interface between the laws of government and the people. Click here to read blog. 

Alzheimer’s. Prioritizing the physical and emotional needs of the elderly and those with Alzheimer’s disease. Click here to read blog. 

Anger is a Choice. Did you know that you don’t have to go through the stress of carrying anger around with you? Click here to read blog. 

Why higher education? When it comes to a college degree, statistics speak with eloquence. Click here to read blog. 

How to be a courteous driver? Here are a few tips that can help take some of the tension out of driving. Click here to read blog. 

Christmas 2016. Christmas time with the Hines family is a special time of year. Click here to read blog. 

How to Treat Your Neighbor? A basic rule of thumb is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Click here to read blog. 

Cancer Perspective. Nobody wants it. Nobody likes it. We don’t want to think or talk about it. Unfortunately, many of us get it. What should we do? Click here to read blog. 

What everyone is talking about: Politics. Republican versus Democrat. What we should be talking about: Working together to affect the best solutions. Click here to read blog. 

How to Rear Children. A study of school playground behavior illustrates that fact that children feel safer if they know what the boundaries are. Click here to read blog. 

Freedom of Conscience. How much does it mean to you to have the freedom to live according to your conscience? Click here to read blog. 

Human Heroes. Police officers are the human beings who have sworn to protect and serve the people of their community, despite the risk to themselves. Click here to read blog. 

Partisan fighting in Lansing continues to delay any action on fixing our roads. That same bickering has delayed any real improvements for several years. We need to fix the roads and bridges now and find a solution to our aging water and sewer systems.

Physician-Assisted Suicide. Assisted suicide should not be legal because it is dangerous. Click here to read blog. 

Taxes and Regulation for Small Business. The first step to keep jobs and businesses in Michigan is to keep taxes and regulations under control. Click here to read blog. 

How to Treat Your Spouse? The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse can tell you with 93% certainty within 5 minutes of meeting a couple if they will get divorced. Click here to read blog. 

Senior Citizens. The value of our seniors goes far beyond whether or not they can manage technology. Click here to read blog. 

Literacy. Adult illiteracy costs American society $240 billion per year through a combination of lost productivity, unrealized tax revenues, welfare, and crime. Click here to read blog.